About Lakbay LENTE

“Lakbay LENTE - to travel… to explore… to photograph… to share…”

Lakbay LENTE is a blog, all about my travels, tours, explorations, photography, hobbies, interests, or simply LIFE could brings. I would like to show and share to the world the beauty of life as well as my beloved country, the Philippines. I created this blog to give information and to encourage you to travel around the Philippines. To discover its treasure of great landscape, environment, culture, people, life etc. And also to document what we have right now and to share to all what we have to taken care of. That's our "Mother Earth".

The Author

Hi Kids! I’m Thots Urpiana a.k.a. “incrediblethots”, I’m an IT person, a mountaineer, a tour guide, a traveler, an adventurer, an explorer, a photography enthusiast, an artists, an online celebrity, a Christian, an environmental activist, a blogger and a Pilipino who loves to share what I have. A jester, who always want to make everyone to make people SMILE.

As the mountaineering creeds:
"Kill nothing but time…
Leave nothing but footprints…
Take nothing but pictures…
Keep nothing but memories..."

Thots Urpiana
“Live not to be STRONG, but to FEEL STRONG.”
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