Guadalupe - Night Shot

Guadalupe, Makati City is where part of Ilog Pasig located. There are many establishments around it. It become our subject for landscape when I started photography. The place was great for Night Shot Landscape where in lots of lights coming from different establishments you can use and experiment on your composition. That time I'm just lucky to have the outcome of this photo. Because that time I don't have a tripod to use. I just lay my Nikon D60 on the floor and turn off the VR and set the timer. That's it!

Tips in Night Shot Photography

1. Gears: Camera (DSLR, SLR, Point and Shoot with Manual Settings), Tripod or Platform, Remote Trigger (optional)
2. Look for a subject that will make your composition a better one.
3. Place your camera on a tripod and look on the viewer if its good for your eyes. Make sure that the tripod is stable and not moving or shaking.
4. Turn-off the VR (Vibration Reduction). So that the motor will not move when you press the trigger.
5. Make sure that there is enough light.
6. The lower the ISO, the lesser the noise.
7. Set your aperture higher for better image grid.
8. Set your shutter speed slower, but it still depends on the lighting of the venue.
9. You may use your remote trigger or set the trigger timer for lesser shake.
10. Do it in trial and error.

I hope this simple tips will help you out.

Good thing that the reflection helps to add up on the composition. And the man is not moving too much that give additional drama on the picture.


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