How it started?

I'm Thots Urpiana, a true blue son of Pasay City. An IT professional that make nature as my stress reliever. I really love nature and trying to preserve and taken care of it.

I started photography not as a photographer, but as a mountaineer. Just to capture each every moment as what the mountaineering creeds says

"Kill nothing, but time...
Leave nothing, but footprints...
Take nothing, but pictures...

Keep nothing, but memories...".

So I decided to purchase my camera last January 2009 just to be my companion along the trail... I thought it will just be a hobby, but I get into it. I started to love to take pictures of landscape, streets, scenery, events and LIFE. May be because during my childhood I used to engaged into arts, designing, sketching and paintings. I do have lots to learn when it comes to photography and need to explore more about my beloved country, the Philippines. I'm continuously seeking for knowledge to learn more and seek places to show and to share my experiences to you guys.

Now, I decided to come up a blog that will document my adventures. I will be sharing you guys my experiences along the trail. As well as how to manage things and come up to a great exploration in a cheapest way.

I see myself as an underground photojournalist who love nature, that may be an anonymous in the field of photography, but will continue to share my knowledge and experience to others who loves to learn, see and feel.

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