Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Cove was one of the amazing place around Pundaquit Area in the Municipality of San Antonio, Zambales aside from other existing coves and islands like Nagsasa Cove, Talisayin Cove, Silanguin Cove, Capones Island and Camara Island.

Anawangin came from the word 'nuang', an Ilokano word which means carabao. The reason behind is the wild carabao roaming around the area of Anawangin.

Anawangin was so amazing because from time to time the place always have a changes. The slopes and structure of the place change every time I visited it. Aside from that the natural beauty of luminous white sand, pines near the beach area and the swamp that connected to South China Sea.

I've been to Anawangin for more than five times. The first time I came to Anawangin was in 2008, the place was one of the relaxing and haven for mountaineers like me. There were just few nipa hut and most of the time when you came to the place your group is just the only one in the place or you'll just meet few groups there. But now a days, Anawangin is popular to the tourist and people who wanted to explore and experience adventures. It is also one of the best side trip for mountaineers who came from different mountains in Zambales area.

How to go to Anawangin Cove?

If you will be commuting, make sure to secure the last trip from Victory Liner Caloocan where in they are the only one who has an 11:30 P.M. trip going to Iba, Zambales. Most of the time, it’s hard to get a late trip going to these place. Tell the conductor to drop you by San Antonio, Zambales proper where in here is a market place to secure all you’ll be need. But most of the store in market opens at around 5:00 A.M. Better secure everything at home.

From San Antonio proper, secure a tricycle going to Pundaquit where you can secure “bangka” to go to Anawangin Cove that will take 30 minutes. And if you want to trek to Mt. Pundaquit going to Anawangin Cove, it will take 4-5 hrs of trekking. You may refer to "Mt. Pundaquit traverse Anawangin Cove".

Or if you want to have a package tour you may contact Dannish on or Kaladkad Tour Club and she will be the one to arrange packages tour for you.

Special Concerns:

1. Pack Light. Do not bring unnecessary things.
2. Secure provisions before the trip. (Food and drinking water)
3. Distribution and sharing of load shall be set before the bus trip.
4. There is a water source at the campsite good for cooking and washing only.
5. There is no electricity, structures / establishments at Anawangin. Bring all your reserve batteries.
6. There is no cell phone signal either. Reserve you battery power. Send all text messages before reaching the Island.
7. The bus at Victory Liner Caloocan leaves at 2330H / 11:30PM so DON’T BE LATE! The bus schedule is as is. We shall not wait for anyone and move on the next trip.
8. There are portion of the Sea that has water current. Make sure to ask locals the safe part of the cove.
9. Clean up yourselves. Secure and dispose of your garbage properly. Leave No Trace. (LNT)


2130 Assembly Victory Liner Pasay
2300 ETD San Antonio, Zambales via Iba-bound Bus

0400 ETA San Antonio; proceed to Brgy. Pundaquit
0430 ETA Brgy. Pundaquit;
0500 Breakfast
0600 ETD Sail going to Capones/Camara Island (or you may do this on Day 2 before going home)
0615 ETA Capones/Camara Island explore Island
0900 ETD Anawangin Cove
0930 ETA Anawangin Cove
1200 Lunch
1630 Explore Island: You may go to the climb the left side of the Island where you can see the whole view of the cove and experience the cold water of the swamp
1900 Dinner/Socials
2100 Lights Off

0500 Wake Up / Prepare Breakfast
0600 Breakfast
0700 Swim / Explore / Picture2x
1000 Leave Anawangin for Brgy. Pundaquit
1130 ETD Manila
1700 ETA Manila

Things to Bring:

Personal Items:

* Backpack (Day Pack) Light Pack
* Food & Snacks
* Drinking Water/Water Container(1.5 Liters)
* Clothing & Underwear = # of days + 1 (standard)
* Survival Kit / Multi-purpose Knife
* Flashlight / Head lamp / Extra Batteries
* Swim / Snorkeling Gear
* Hat / Cap
* Poncho / Rain Gear
* Blanket / Jacket / Sweat Shirt
* Sleeping Bag / Mat
* Dry/Waterproof Bag
* Mess Kit / Utensils
* Plastic / Trash Bags
* Other Personal Care Items:
o First aid Kits / Medicine Kit
o Insect Repellant
o Sun Block
o Toothpaste & Toothbrush
o Alcohol
o Toiletries

Group Items:

* Tent
* Ground Sheet
* Cook Stove & Fuel Refill (Butane Gas)
* Cookware / Cooking Tools
* Lamp

Optional Items:

* Camera / Tripod
* Hammock
* Portable Radio (Transistor) and/or 2-way Radio (Walky-talkies)
* Kerosene / Electric Lantern / Tent Light
* Camp Chair


P500 - Victory Liner Bus from Caloocan to San Antonio, Zambales (vice-versa)
P100 - Tricycle from Bgy. Pundaquit (vice-versa)
P1100.00/4 people - Round trip boat fare plus side trip to Capones (max.4 per boat, P300 was added for the sidetrip)
P300.00 - Food and Provisions

Total Estimated Budget: = P1200



For more photos you may visit


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