Mang Roger - Mountaineer's Driver, Contact and a Friend

It is convenient to have a contact, driver and friends whenever we go to different places. Because it gives information and also give secure whenever we went to it. They are one of the important persons we met during the tours and escapades.

Mang Roger was one of the famous contact and drivers for mountaineers like us. He was the usual contact for the jeepney rental in Baguio side, particularly in Mt. Pulag. He is one who can rely on. I remember when I bring Kamandag Mountaineers, my mountaineering group last October of 2008. He was the one we contacted. It is very easy to transact with him. You will just give the schedule date and number of participants and he will be the one to arrange jeeps for your group. I also feel secure when we reached the jump-off because he leave a message that whatever happen wrong he can be contacted through his mobile number.

But early today one of my friends sent me a message with a link to Pinoy Mountaineers Blog. That Mang Roger has just past away.
Mang Roger, was shot dead in La Trinidad as he was on his way from the Ranger Station. We do not have confirmation of other details yet at the moment. His funeral will be held on Thursday, July 29, 2010.

From Pinoy Mountaineer
It was a sad news specially to mountaineers like me. He was one of the reliable contact, driver and friend to us. And you'll never be forgotten.

Mang Roger, may you have your justice and may you rest in peace with the Lord.

Lakbay LENTE

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