NU Rock Awards 2010

What: NU Rock Awards 2010
When: October 30, 2010
Where: World Trade Center, Manila

One of the greatest things about the Philippine music scene is its diversity. With a mix of tried-and-true OPM icons and a wellspring of up-and-coming talents, the landscape of local artistry always remains interesting, innovative and undeniably relevant. Who deserves a rightful place at the top of any perceptive music lover’s list? What truly defines a winning creative mind?

With the musical landscape constantly evolving and the lines between genres getting progressively blurred, NU 107 strives to keep the public abreast of the best in the business. This year, the 16th NU 107 Rock Awards is about providing a clear presentation of what the current state of the local rock scene is. NU 107 Rock Awards '09: High Definition will give focus to the artists who are undeniably at the top of their game, and have reached the summit of OPM supremacy. Be there when the action happens on October 30 at the World Trade Center. Featuring fantastic live performances from BAMBOO, CHICOSCI, THE DAWN, FRANCO, GREYHOUNDZ, ITCHYWORMS, JUAN PABLO DREAM, KAMIKAZEE, KJWAN, PUPIL, RAZORBACK, RICO BLANCO, SANDWICH, SUGARFREE & URBANDUB.

A salute to only the Philippines' finest, the 16th NU 107 Rock Awards will showcase the definitive music-makers of 2009.

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Lakbay LENTE

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  1. guys wanted also to inform you that DSLR are not allowed on the event unless you have contacts inside.


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