Canon PhotoMarathon Philippines 2010

The Canon Photo Marathon is a 1-day photo contest that lets you actually go out and shoot new images within the specified location or area.  You’ll get the chance to compete against other amateur/professional photographers & hobbyist under strict contest deadlines as well. Just submit the images you’ve captured subject to a panel of a judges’ evaluation.  Your thematic creative instincts, as well as your ability to work under tight timeline pressures will be thoroughly tested in this exciting and unique competition. Are you ready? Join The Canon Photo Marathon today!


Competition Date: November 6, 2010
Venue & Registration: SMX Convention Center, SM Central Business Park, Pasay City
No. of Participants: 1,000

Entry Rules:

Please ensure that you are in good health when joining this competition. The organizers discourage pregnant women, as well as those suffering from chronic illness, high blood pressure or heart-related diseases from taking part.
Three categories for entrants:

   1. Point and Shoot (Digital Ixus and Powershot)
   2. DSLR (EOS Digital)
   3. Video

Participants can use any Canon digital cameras to take photographs. During the Canon Photomarathon you will be given various photographic themes. After each theme you will be asked to submit your best image for downloading.

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