Feast of the Black Nazarene 2011

Last Sunday, we celebrate the Feast of the Black Nazarene. I met Arly, my friend at LRT EDSA Station at around 6:30 AM. Our target destination is Lawton underpass. We planned to wait on top of the Lawton underpass.

Lawton Underpass

When we arrived at Central Terminal, we ate first and buy bottled water. And prepare ourselves to wait for the Black Nazarene.

The only Nazarene I seen where the cross is on his left side.
While waiting In front of University of Manila, devotees started to arrive. They are going to Quirino Grandstand direction to join the Black Nazarene Procession. Most of them are walking barefoot and wearing maroon shirts with the replica of the Black Nazarene.

8 o'clock view from Lawton underpass
Line going up the top of the underpass
At around 8:00 AM, we decided to proceed on top of the underpass. And we met early comers to have a better view of the Black Nazarene. Some of them bring their own ladders just to climb on the top of th underpass. And also to give thank and give back the glory to the Black Nazarene.

some of the early comer's who bring their own ladder.

Some of the foreigners who participated.
While waiting for the procession, the other replicas of the Black Nazarene are also arriving. The street gets crowded. Estimated 7 million devotees came from different parts of the country.  And few foreigners also joined to celebrate the Feast of the Black Nazarene.

After 5 hours of waiting, we finally see the Black Nazarene. Devotees started to waive their towels and hankies. Everyone’s saying Viva! Viva! And the other devotees try to kiss and hold the Black Nazarene by climbing the carosa. Others were grabbing and pulling the rope connected on the carosa. Others push the carosa to help it move forward. You will feel how strong the faith of the people

The procession ended around 12:00 AM of January 9, 2011, after a record 15 and half hours.


  1. isn't that a great experience. I was on top of the underpass near Manila City Hall that time taking pictures too. I don't know if you also had that goosebumps when you first saw the rope-pulling fanatics.

  2. I also feel that too... It's been always a different experience.


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