The Real Aron Ralston of 127 Hours

Full Name: Aron Lee Ralston
Born: October 27, 1975 In United States
Occupation: Mountaineer | Motivation Speaker

In his early twenties, he wished to become the first mountaineer to solo climb all of Colorado’s mountains during winter. Foolishly, he says, he took great risks for the sake of self-discovery.

During a low-risk hike in Utah in 2003, he found himself facing the darkest obstacle of his life. Were he has to face the biggest challenge between his life and death.

A falling boulder trapped his right arm, pinning him to the rock wall while canyoneering in Utah, he was forced to amputate his lower right arm with a dull knife in order to free himself after his arm became trapped by a boulder. His autobiography was published as a book entitled "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" and convert into a movie - "127 Hours".

Video of Aron Ralston re-visiting Blue John Canyon.

For Aron Ralston's Uncut Real Video: Desperate Days in Blue John Canyon

Here's a video describing the amputation.

Aron Ralston s Motivation Speaker. Here's a video from - "Being Aron Ralston".


  1. That's an impressive story man, and truly inspiring i have to add. The fact that you can do that makes anything seem possible.

  2. my fiancee just got back from climbing aconcagua and i had visions of him reliving this same moment the whole time, and i know he would be able to do it because you were able to do it. you are an inspiration to adventurers and mountaineers everywhere.

  3. It seems so logical to cut one's hand off in that situation, but to actually have the guts to do it is another. I have the utmost respect for this man and what he had to go through. I wish him and his family a great future

  4. You are not only an inspiration to are also an inspiration to all who know your story.....we can all learn from you whenever we face adversity ... you faced your fear and found a way to overcome it! Many blessings to you, Aron Ralston! an admirer in Puerto Rico

  5. inspiring story despite what he had to go through. this is one of my favorite adventure movies! actually, this is the first time for me to have a favorite movie of this genre.

  6. The lesson that its history give to all we go beyond the survival in this world. You were capable to cut the proper arm were not for living a little more, but to helping us in to understand the message of Jesus better about the perpetual life.


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