The Real Christopher Mc Candless a.k.a. Alexander Supertramp

Christopher Johnson McCandless (February 12, 1968 – August 1992) was an American itinerant who adopted the name Alexander Supertramp and hiked into the Alaskan wilderness with little food and equipment, hoping to live a period of solitude. Almost four months later, weighing only 67 pounds (30 kg; 4 st 11 lb), he died of starvation near Denali National Park and Preserve. Inspired by the details of McCandless's story, author Jon Krakauer wrote a book about his adventures published in 1996 titled Into the Wild. In 2007, Sean Penn directed a film of the same title, with Emile Hirsch portraying McCandless. McCandless's story is also the subject of a 2007 documentary by Ron Lamothe named The Call of the Wild.



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