First Line of Defense in Dinalupihan Bataan

Dinalupihan is a 1st class municipality located in the province of Bataan. Dinalupihan was first known as “Di-Nalupigan” which means “Not Conquered”.  The place got it famous for its fighting spirit as they defend their place against Japanese invasion.

The First Line of Defense monument was becomes the landmark in Dinalupihan. It is also becomes the symbol of the tragedy that befell of Bataan and the gallantry of Filipino and American heroes against the Japanese invasion during World War II. It is currently situated in the center of Layac, Dinalupihan, Bataan.

It was erected by the 38th Infantry division, Army of the United States, in memory of the defenders of Bataan, living and dead, including the 38th Tank Company of Harrodburg, Kentucky, a unit of said division, in December 1941 to February 1942.

Kalikada Mountaineers

This was part of the Bataan-Subic Tour with Kalikada Mountaineers, the mountaineering group of National Center for Mental Health.

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