Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is situated in Bagac, Bataan and also known as Villa Acuzar. It is a living resort and museum of Philippine customs and traditional model houses which was reconstructed again.

You can enjoy staying there on their rebuilt houses.

  • Casa Baliuag 1 also known as Taberna del Senor Pepe, the house was first constructed in 1898 in Baliuag, Bulacan , who owned by Tolentino Family and reconstructed in Villa Acuzar in 2007.
  • Casa Hidalgo also known as Enriquez Mansion, the mansion was first constructed in 1867 in the corner of Calle San Sebastian (now R. Hidalgo St.) and Callejon de Carcer in Quiapo District. It was rebuilt in 2006 and the owner of it is Rafael Enriquez.
  • Casa Candaba, was owned by Reyes Family in Candaba, Pampanga. It was first constructed in 1780 and reconstructed in 2005.
  • Casa Mexico, where in the pieces of the house is came from a salvage materials bought from junkshop.
  • Paseo de Escolta is a combination of old and new materials which replicates the commercial structures in Escolta, Manila. The 17 rooms of the hotel resort and interiors were designed by the wife of the owner, Mrs. Tess Acuzar in 2007.
  • Casa Cagayan, it refers to the Poor Man’s Houses in Cagayan during 1900’s.
  • Casa Baliuag 2 was constructed in 2006, and it originally located in the compound of Iglesia ni Kristo in Baliuag, Bulacan.
  • Casa Luna also known as The Novicio/Santoromana House, the mansion was built around 1850 and originally located in Namacpacan, La Union and owned by Novicio/Santoromana Family.
  • Casa Jaen 1, it is served as the residence of the first Mayor of Jaen, Nueva Ecija who owned by Esquivel Family.
  • Casa Unisan, first owned by Antonio Maximo and located in Unisan, Quezon. It was first constructed in 1839 and reconstructed in 2007.
  • Casa Meycauayan, was first constructed in 1913 in San Fernando, Pampanga by the Escota Family and reconstructed in Meycauayan, Bulacan in 1950’s and later acquired by Rogelio Urrutia. It was made of adobe stone and called the “Bahay na Bato”.
  • Casa Lubao, was inspired by an American era situated in Lubao, Pampanga in 1920 and was first owned by Arastia/Vitug family.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is open for public in a reasonable price. Just an additional trivia it was the place where Richard Gutierrez’s TV Series, Zorro in 2009.

Sad to say, that I have few photos on this place because we arrive raining and late on the area. This is part of our Bataan-Subic Tour.


  1. How much is the reasonable price for open it to public?

    1. Nung bumalik po ako early this year is P650 na po entrance sa di member.


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