Mt. Cristobal, The Devil's Mountain

Mt. Cristobal, San Pablo Side
Mt. Cristobal was located beside Mt. Banahaw called the "Holy Mountain". That's why Cristobal called the "Devil's Mountain" simply because people pertain that the negative energies are in Mt. Cristobal and the positive energies in Mt. Banahaw, but with regards to my experience. I don't feel any negative vibes on this mountain. What I encounter is the spirit of camaraderie and friendship.

Mt. Cristobal, Dolores Side

Mt. Cristobal has two trails: the traditional trail where the jump-off is in Dolores Trail in Quezon Province and the other one is the traverse from San Pablo, Laguna going to Dolores Quezon. My first experience to climb Mt. Cristobal was in year 2008 during the training climb of MFPI-IM Batch 29, 30 and 31. I haven't experience any supernatural on that climb, but I only know is I learned a lot from that climb and successfully summited Mt. Cristobal.

Mar Melendrez, Mike Abanes, Mike Odiongan, Dhon Abril, Joel Melendres, Dan, Edward, Breathe, Judith, Joel Q., Leah, Leizel, NiƱo, Ver, Dan, Weller, Froi and me
 The second time is a collaboration of Kamandag Mountaineers, Amdatex Mountaineering Group and Kawangis Mountaineers. We take the traditional trail and camp on the summit camp located in the mossy forest. I don't feel camping on the crater. Because I heard a lot of supernatural stories and most of the stories I heard happen on the crater. I remember that when we were descending back I feel my backpack is heavier  in some portion of the trail. Some says someone is riding on my backpack whenever you feel it. So I always touch my rosary to give guidance on our way. That's the only super natural experience I encounter in Mt. Cristobal.

Summit Camp Site
Froi, Erwin, Rommel, Iris, Mean, Jen, Lindy, Otep, Peng, JC, Romeo, Bong, Jasmine, Cherry, Thelma, Avhet, Randy, Uly, Fred, John, Ken, James, BG, Benj, Ka Bernie and me

Sidetrip Suggestion:
Bato Resort

Mt. Cristobal refers to a “Spooky Mountain”. May be because it’s composing of a rain forest where you can see large trees and most of the time fog is inevitable in some portion of the mountain. But according to the locals, the famous myth about Mt. Cristobal is “Tumao”, the creature who roams around its premises. If you will ask me how Tumao looks like… I can’t answer your question because I haven't seen him yet, but according to the locals he's more similar likes “Bigfoot”, it might be true or not. Mt. Cristobal is so mysterious, but even though, I haven't encounter Tumao on Mt. Cristobal. I respect the mountain and all the elementals seen or unseen.

How about you? What’s your story about Mt. Cristobal?


  1. I haven't climbed this mountain and really would love to someday. Then will see if something "spooky" happens :)

  2. Ok lang siguro ghost sightings dito sa akin wag lang, snakes :)

  3. @pinay travel junkie
    You should. :) It's great for training climb.
    @lakwatsera de primera
    If may third eye ka. Humanda ka na... Kung snakes naman... Kusang lumalayo yun. Wag lang masasaktan.

  4. hi, do you have any contact para po makuha guide? thanks

  5. @Anonymous kung traditional po miski wala nang guide. Established naman po yung trail.

  6. i like to go there how do i get to mt cristobal

  7. Mt Cristobal is very nice. Nkakawala ng pagod pag nakita yung mggandang view mula sa taas. :)
    Ayaw nya ng maingay. Kya pag maingay na kami, bgla na lang umaambon. Tumatahimik na kami pag umambon na.

  8. Sir my mga contact po ba kayo kayo ng guides sa Mt.Cristobal?

  9. Wala po e. Pero during our traverse kasama ko MFPI-IM. Kung traditional wala po kami guide.

  10. Mt.cristobal is one of the best mountain na naakyat ng team namin (team makilog) maganda ang view at malamig ang panahon. Kaso marami kami na feel na negative that's why, we decided na hinde na kami babalik ng cristobal hahaha. My mga video rin kami habang umaakyat tas my nadaanan ung camera ko na mukha. Hayyyts cristobal pra sa akin ay maganda ngunit may halong kababalaghan pa rin.


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