Kulhet, a one of a kind Maculot Side Trip

Kulhet is just a small part of Taal Lake. It is a great place for Lakeering. Lakeering short for lake camping. Hehe! Kulhet is just a boat ride from Lumampao. Good thing that one of my colleagues have relatives there. We just need to buy fuel to bring us to Kulhet. Kulhet has a private property rest house where there is a small portion of land you can camp and enjoy the calm ambiance of Taal Lake while waiting for the great sunset view. Thanks to the rest house owner, we able to use the fresh water pool. Enjoy!

How to go to Kuhlet in Don Juan, Cuenca, Batangas?

Take bus going to Lemery, Batangas. Get off to Poblacion or Town Proper of Cuenca, Batangas. Take a tricycle going to Barangay Don Juan, 15 minutes away from Mt. Maculot Rockies Jump-off. You need to experience first the "1500 concrete stairs" going straight down to Lumampao. You ned to hire boat just to reach Kulhet. Some part of this photos are privately own. So you need to ask permission first to enjoy the area.

Photos taken last April, 2010.

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  1. ang cute ng stepping stones going up to the house :)


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