Mt. Daguldol

Mt. Daguldol is located in Barangay Hugom, San Juan, Batangas, where you need to travel almost five hours. It is nearly located in the shoreline of Laiya Beach. Daguldol is one of the mountains that beginners will really enjoy. Because of it has an easy trail and has several great side trips, particularly Naambon Falls and Laiya Beach.

But don’t under estimate Mt. Daguldol, from the start you need to pass by Laiya Shoreline, where in your stamina will be tested walking in the sand especially during summer season. And when you get to Mang Lizardo’s place, you need to secure guides from Hugom Environmental Guides Association (HEGA), it is mandatory to have a guide on Mt. Daguldol. Guides Fee cost P350 per 15 persons and an entrance fee of P35.

 Daguldol is rich with coconut trees and different kinds of trees. And despite of having a easy to moderate trail, there are parts of the trail that you will feel tired because there is less air/oxygen passing thru the trail. You will pass around the mountain and there is part of the trial that the mountain blocks the air coming inside the forest. That’s why most of the time climbers get a leg cramps during the trek. Trek on the sand along the shoreline is also one factor why it happens. In order to avoid cramps, bring salt and enough water along the trail. Several rest areas are also provided on the trail. By the way Daguldol has two trails the traditional, the San Juan Trail and the traverse from Lobo Batangas going to San Juan, but I haven’t tried the traverse yet. That’s why I can’t give information for now.


Camp 1 - Gulugod Baboy
 There are three campsites:  Camp 1 (Gulugod Baboy) where it is very near to the water source. Niyugan capsite where lots of coconut tree around the area and it’s very near to the summit, “Bilaran ng Limatik”. And Anahawan campsite where it is no longer opens for public. During our climb last 2010 our guide tells us that it was already closed because it is a private property.

Niyugan Camp
 The summit of Mt. Daguldol doesn’t offer a spectacular view. I don’t really know why they call it “Bilaran ng Limatik”, where in limatik is not inevitable on the area.

Bilaran ng Limatik

The best part of the trek is the side trip. Where it offers: The “Naambon Falls”, and the white sand beaches of Laiya. Naambon Falls is not that spectacular to be a falls. Only small amount of falls is falling maybe that’s why they call it Naambon. It is enough to refresh your body from the heat of the trail. Laiya beach resort will give you the finish line of the trip. Where you can relax and take a refreshing resort for swimming.

Naambon Falls
Laiya Beach Resorts

How to go to Mt. Daguldol in Laiya?

From Buendia Taft Take Bus going to Lipa, Batangas. Drop by Lipa Batangas. You can rent a jeep and go directly to Barangay Hugom. Or take jeep going to San Juan Proper. Then take jeepney  again going to Barangay Hugom.



Day 1
0400 Assembly at 7-Eleven Buendia
0500 From Buendia Taft Take Bus going to Lipa
0730 At Lipa, rent a jeep going to Brgy. Hugom
1030 ETA Brgy. Hugom; Arrange for Guides. Lunch
1200 Start Trek - Beach Front
1430 ETA Mang Lizardo's place
1530 ETA Niyugan Campsite, Set Camp
1600 Start Trek going to summit
1630 ETA Summit
1730 ETD from Summit
1800 Back to campsite
1900 Dinner / Socials

Day 2
0500 Wake up call
0520 Trek going to Bilaran ng Limatik
0540 ETA summit
0700 ETD from summit
0530 Breakfast
0630 Break Camp
0700 Start Descent
0800 Back at Mang Lizardo's place
0900 Take a sidetrip to Naambon Falls
1000 Resume descent
1100 Back at Brgy. Hugom; and take a bath from the Laiya Beach Resorts
1700 Rent jeep back to Lipa
1930 ETA Buendia

Amdatex Mountaineering Group
AMG with Pepi Lovers Mountaineering Group


  1. me ganitong bndok pala sa Laiya--San Juan is really calling me. this week, ilang attractions sa San Juan ang nakapukaw ng aking atensyun--like Acuatico resort.and now this strange sounding mountain.hahaha. napap San Juan nako!!!:D

  2. yes bro. meron. sa right side part going to La Luz resort. But it doesn't offer an spectacular view, but great for explorers :)

  3. hi,

    ask ko lang po kung magkano ang pamasahe papunta dito:

    Buendia Taft to Lipa?
    Lipa to Brgy. Hugom?

    plan po namin umaakyat this weekend... salamat po!

  4. Hi. We're planning to climb Mt Daguldol this May pero we are planning to start ascent very early as 3am. Wanted to know if may g-guide samin sa ganitong oras. Pwde po ba makahingi ng contact # ng kahit isa sa guides?

    Kx (0916 476 9736)

  5. Hi KX, Just go straight to Barangay Hall. Sila yung nagbibigay ng guide dun. Sorry I don't have contact number sa barangay.


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