Caramoan Islands, Camarines Sur

Caramoan is composed of 49 barangays located in the province of Camarines Sur, Bicol Region, Philippines. It is situated on the southernmost tip of Luzon area. Caramoan was once called “Guta de Leche” by Dutch traders who operated a gold mine in Lahuy Island. The name was derived from the milkdrop stalagmites found in the rocks of Guta Port. And when the Spaniards came, Caramoan was called “Carahan” for the numerous sea turtles found along the sea shores of the Peninsula.

Caramoan is one of the pearl of the Philippines located in Luzon. It became one of the known tourist destination in the country. It has been a favorite site destination for international franchises of Survivor. The place has hosted the Survivor from countries like Serbia, Israel, Bulgaria, Sweden, and France.

Things you can do in Caramoan Islands?

Popular tourist destinations in Caramoan are the Caramoan National Park, the Centro and Gota Beach. Best for outdoor activities like diving, swimming, snorkeling, spelunking and island hopping.
For Island hopping better visit these top 10 Islands of Caramoan: Lahuy, Matukad, Pitogo, Sabitang Laya, Minalahos, Lahus, Hunongan, Gota, Cotivas and Tinago. But most of the times some of the islands are closed due to the Survivor tapings. Better have a good bangkero/guide to know the updates of each islands and chance to visit them.

But during our visit there in May 2010 with Kaladkad Tour Club, an ongoing taping of Survivor is happening in the 6 most beautiful islands there. That’s why we just able to visit six islands and one of it is Sulalo Island where Survivor France just finish taping there and move to another island. We compressed our tour to a 3 nights 2 days itinerary and we able to visit only six islands namely Busdaka, Kagbalinad, Lahos, Kabutunan, Sulalo, and Minalahos.

And it's a good experience to porter going to the shore because the sea is in high tide and you need to be transport by the porter to the shore. It's up to you how much you will be giving to them.

Our adventure never stop there. We did a side trip to SM Naga to have a mini-concert. Lol!

How to go to Caramoan Islands?

From Cubao Terminal Station, take bus going to Naga City, Bicol. From Naga arrange jeepney going to Sabang Port. From Sabang Port to Guijalo Port, take a 2 hour boat ride while enjoying the scenery of Mt. Mayon. Guijalo Port is the port of Caramoan you need to take a 30 minute jeepney ride going to town proper and rent boat for Island hopping adventure.

Note: I suggest to secure contacts before going to Caramoan. If you plan to avail tour package you may contact Kaladkad Tour Club for cheapest Caramoan Tour Package.

Caramoan Islands Hopping Itinerary

Day 0
6:00PM Cubao Bus Terminal
7:30PM ETD from Cubao to Naga, Camarines Sur

Day 1
04:00 ETA Naga, Arrange jeepneys going to Sabang Port
04:15 ETD Naga to Sabang Port
06:15 ETA Sabang Port, quick Breakfast
07:00 ETD Sabang Port to Guijalo Port, Caramoan
          Enjoy the view of Mt. Mayon while travelling going to Caramoan
09:00 ETA Guijalo Port
09:30 Take jeepney going to Caramoan Proper. Better to have prior arrangement on Caramoan contacts so that your itenarary won't be delay.
          Have your packed lunch.Arrangement can be done on your contacts.
10:00 Go to your preferred hotel/resthouse to leave your thinigs.
10:30 Island Hopping Adventure for (Possible 4-6 Islands)
12:00 Lunch
17:00 Back to the Resthouse
19:00 Dinner+Socials
22:00 Lights Off

Day 2
05:00 Wake-up call
07:00 Buy Pasalubong
08:30 ETA Guijalo Port
09:00 ETD Guijalo Port to Sabang Port
11:00 ETA Sabang Port, Lunch
12:00 ETD Sabang Port to Naga
14:00 ETA Naga, Stroll around Naga City
15:00 ETD Naga to Cubao
22:00 ETA Cubao


  1. the Caramoan is indeed a wonderful place to be..with those white sand, its almost as if your in Boracay

  2. Truly! We have lots of places looks that we can be proud of.

  3. ang ganda tlga sa Caramoan.. sana mapuntahan ko na din yan! ang epal naman nung survivor series..

  4. Hi, I am a tour coordinator and a native of Caramoan. I arrange all kinds of tours and give you the rate from the most expensive to the most conservative. I also send guest to travel agencies and tour operators that you may want to work for your needed tour. If you are interested, you may contact me @ 09106534561 / 09155870668 or email me at My American husband who traveled around the world and with his worldly experience wants the best tour and I’ll give it to you.

  5. yes Caramoan is nice, i think the cheapest tour package comes from brgy. capt. avila of Tawog Caramoan, his website is they also offer the more expensive special tour package which has beach front accommodation and cave tours aside from island hopping.


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