Announcement of the New 7 Wonders of Nature

Announcing the results at the headquarters of the New7Wonders Foundation in Zurich, Switzerland, Bernard Weber, Founder-President of New7Wonders, said: "We congratulate each of these participants on achieving their provisional New7Wonders of Nature status".

The first count of the global vote to elect the New7Wonders of Nature has been announced. In alphabetical order, they are:
  • Amazon in South America
  • Halong Bay in Vietnam
  • Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil
  • Jeju Island in South Korea
  • Komodo in Indonesia
  • Puerto Princesa Underground River in the Philippines
  • Table Mountain in South Africa

Congratulations to the Puerto Princesa Underground River and the Philippines! Cheers!

Watch announcement here...

For complete news of the New7Wonders of Nature click here.


  1. Hurrah! Would love to see the other winners too.

  2. I will try to post it. When I found one :)

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  4. It's good to know that with the different chemicals and other factors that can affect the beauty of our environment, there are still lots of beautiful places that have been preserved and maintained. Nature is a gift from our creator and must be taken care of. We don't want to see and experience how nature responds to our maltreatment right? It is therefore our responsibilities to maintain the aesthetics and importance of nature and natural resources.

  5. You've highlighted the Puerto Princesa Undergorund river and I agree with you. It really deserves to be in the 7 Natural Wonders of the world. Aside from this spot, I also like the Iguazu Falls in Argentina. Anyway, all of the new Natural wonders are actually deserving to be called the wonders. I just hope that people will preserve their beauty. No to illegal logging and forest clearing.


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