Mt. Natib - Rainy Climb

Mt. Natib is inactive starvolcano located in the northern end of Bataan Peninsula. Even if is a volcano, there were no historical eruptions or volcanic activity was recorded. It is also the Bataan’s Highest Peak with an elevation of 1,253 meters.  And in 1945, it was declared a protected area of Bataan National Park. Mt. Natib is located in Barangay Tala, Orani, Bataan.

In 2008, Natib was closed for the reason that ongoing military operations have been conducted on the area. And in 2009, it was reopened again for climbers. As being the highest mountain in Bataan, most mountaineers dream to climb Mt. Natib. Whenever I heard of Mt. Natib, it always comes to my mind is the “limatik” or blood leeches. May be because of the articles I read about Mt. Natib and seeing the hiking photographs from the internet.

Last August 19, 2012, it’s my first time to climb Mt. Natib with colleagues from Kaladkad Outdoor (Ambo, Ykay, Gaddy, Alvin, Lee, Richard, Carlo, Adong including me) and GSM Trekkers (Johny, KC and Yohan). We arrived at Orani, Bataan at around 8AM and go to the market place to take our breakfast and buy some foods (packed lunch, dinner and breakfast for tomorrow). We take a tricycle from Orani Public Market, the tricycle drivers bring us to the Tala Barangay Hall to register (P30) and we also log to the Military outpost. At around 10AM we arrived at the jump-off, it was a rainy weather. So, we expect of an active “limatik” along the trail. I’m prepared for the “limatik” encounter; I brought a detergent powdered soap and put it on possible entry points on my socks, leggings, arm warmer and some portion of my neck.



90 degrees assault 20+ feet high
 The trail is a combination of rough road, grassland and mossy forest. It is rough rolling trail from the start, and grassland going to “Pinagbutasan” where in it has a steel grill walls and has a gate that serve as the passage. Then the next stop is on the “kubo” where water source is also located at the river behind the kubo. You can take your lunch there and resume. It will take 1 hour more to reach the base camp. But take note, before you reach the base camp at the foot of Mt. Natib. You will pass by grassland with branching trails. Make sure to turn left and don’t go straight. It will leads to Pasukulan Falls. The landmark for the base camp is the number “06” placed on the tree. Take a rest before taking the assault. Approximately 1.5 hours, you will reach a 90 degrees assault at around 20+ feet high wherein rope is already set-up that make a big help to all the climbers. And you will be passing by a difficult steep trail. And you will pass by one more rope and a very challenging trail going to the summit, wherein the campsite is also located.

Never under estimate Mt. Natib for it's difficult trail. I would recommend this mountain for training climbs. And never forget that Mt. Natib is “limatik” infested. Always bring anti-limatik like alcohol, detergent soap, salt or vinegar. Just additional information never forcefully pulls the limatik off your skin. Their teeth might leave on the wound. It causes itchy when not properly removed according to one of the locals in the area. Use anti-limatik formulas.

Before going home, you must try the specialty of Mang Louie’s Batangas Goto or Lomi. Best with rice and toyo, calamansi and sili. You might confuse why it’s Batangas style even if the place is in Bataan. Most of the people from Tala are Batangueno according to the tricycle driver we ride on who is also a Batangueno.

Sorry for the low quality photos. I won't able to bring my Nikon D60 due to unstoppable rain and fog. Thanks that I have my Agfa Eclipse Explorer, an underwater cam.


Day 1
03:30 Assembly Genesis Bus Terminal Cubao
04:00 ETD Cubao to Bataan (P177 per head)
06:30 ETA at Orani, Bataan
07:00 Take tricycle going to Orani Public Market (P15 per head)
07:30 Take breakfast and buy foods
08:00 ETD Orani Public Market to Brgy. Tala, Orani, Bataan (P50 per head)
08:40 ETA for Brgy.Hall Tala, Orani, Bataan (Registeration P30)
08:45 Register at Military Outpost
09:50 Jump-off Point
10:00 Start of trek
11:00 ETA Pinagbutasan
12:00 Lunch at the “Kubo”
13:00 Resume trek
14:00 Foot of Mt. Natib
16:30 ETA Summit
19:00 Dinner/Socials
21:00 Lights Off

Day 2
07:00 Breakfast
08:00 Break camp
09:00 Start of descent
11:00 Foot of natib
12:00 ETA “Kubo”
13:00 ETA Pinagbutasan
15:00 ETA Jump-Off
16:00 ETD for Brgy. Laya (past 9:00 PM, buses will no longer pass through Brgy. Tala; Manila-bound buses are available at Brgy. Laya until 10:00 PM)
17:00 ETD from Bataan
20:00 ETA at Cubao

Jeepney Service:
Louie Areola (Head of Barangay Defense System)
(0908)298-9094 or (0921)687-6735

Rent - P1200 back and forth from Orani to Jump-off (vice versa)

Local Guide:
Andy Gadel (Son of the owner of the Kubo) – P500 to 700 - Just inform Mang Louie

Feel free to watch the video from our Mt. Natib Rainy Climb


  1. Ooh... Haven't encountered a limatik yet and I'm not entirely looking forward to it, LOL. Still curious though. Looks more difficult than usual cause of all that rain. Gosh, I now miss climbing!

  2. You better meet them. I'm sure it's a different experience. :D

  3. sir anong bus dapat sakyan?pwede ba mariveles? o yung orani bound lang.


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