InterAksyon Formal Apology: My Mt. Apo Photograph

For your reference, last March 4, 2013, posted my photo without any permission and not even credited to me. The photo was already cropped together with my watermark. 

Yesterday, (March 5, 2013) my god daughter Jenii Ramos tweet my blog and tag Interaksyon on it. Interaksyon responded to Jenii’s tweet and they send me a direct message apologizing on the things they made and informed me that they already removed the photo and replaced it with a new one. But I asked them to send a formal apology together with a detailed reason why they cropped the watermark of my photo?

Today, (March 6, 2013)
Interaksyon formally emailed me and personally contacted me via phone by InterAksyon's editor in chief Roby Alampay. He personally apologizes on their lapses to credit the photo correctly and explained that there is no malice to remove the watermark, but they have set scale and sizes of the photos they post.

On behalf of the Photographers around the planet, I also pointed out that this should not happen again in any of our works. Remember we are vigilantly watching over it.

Mr. Alampay said that they will be careful on using some photos and will make sure to give credit on the photos that they will be using. They will review their standard protocol and will strictly enforcing it.

Thanks for your immediate actions InterAksyon especially to Robert JA Basilio Jr.(InterAksyon Social Media Editor) and Roby Alampay (InterAksyon editor in Chief)

Here’s InterAksyon Letter of Apology:

Dear Mr. Urpiana —

We wish to apologize for failing to give you credit for the photo that
we uploaded to

Again, we wish to reiterate that there was no intention at all to take
out that watermark nor to withhold credit for the photo you took.
After all, we did cite Kidapawan Online as the source of the photo
even though we later found out that it was incorrect to do so. We
should have credited you for the photo.

Meanwhile, we did not intend to crop out the watermark of your photo
but we were forced to do so because our content management system has
set scale and sizes of photos.

InterAksyon's editor in chief Roby Alampay has been calling you on the
mobile number posted on your website. He is willing to explain the
matter further. do you have another number where he/we can reach you?

Again, thanks and our apologies.

Robert JA Basilio Jr.


  1. it's good to know that they're owning up to their mistakes. it's really bad that they steal pictures, and denying it would just make it worse. this one is a good case; i've read of similar which turned out disadvantageous to the blogger.

    1. thanksful ako sa inaanak ko naisip nyang magcomment sa existing tweet ng Interaksyon. Kaya sila nagresponse. Kaya let's be vigilant to watch over na lang. :)

  2. They intentionally cropped it. Why? Because the space upside is still large. They could have cut it instead if they really don't wanna crop your watermark. Besides your name is VERY CLEAR on your photo, why credit it to Kidapawan website? Anyways, you seem to be happy with their explanation so with that, I rest my case. Wag na lang sana maulit ulit. To, you guys are LOSER!

    1. I think they learned a lesson. Sana nga di na muli maulit kahit kanino... Remember that we are vigilantly watching over.

  3. kalokohan yung 3rd paragraph.. pwede naman resize ng hindi tinatanggal ang crop


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