UNILAB: Husay at Malasakit

This day and age, the country has braved various calamities that, if anything, have only strengthened our solidarity as Filipinos. But to fully rise again as a nation, we must be able to have both excellence and compassion (husay at malasakit) in everything we do, especially when in service to others who are in need.

United Laboratories (Unilab), being the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines and was founded by Mr. J.Y. Campos and Mr. M.K. Tan in 1945 as a small corner drug store in Binondo, Manila believes in the power of husay at malasakit and has geared their company’s belief in this 

In every product they produce, they make sure that their facilities and procedures are safe, so that they will be able to take care of the Filipino people better.

They may have changed their processes in line with the rise of technological advancement, but their heart will always be present in the manufacturing of their healthcare products.
Rest assured that in all the innovations they create, the health and safety of the Filipino people are always at the core.

The distribution of their products are scattered across the country—from Luzon, Visayas, to Mindanao, to reach out to everyone in need of superior and affordable healthcare products.

If anything, Unilab believes in the spirit of genuine concern to make the lives of other people better.

With their new TVC, Unilab shows their husay at malasakit thrust and hopes to influence as much as they can to the nation. After all, what matters the most is the number of lives we touch when we reach our triumphs.

I salute United Laboratories or UNILAB  for continues to serve our fellow Filipino people, by harnessing the skills of their people and improving their process and facilities to produce the most effective health care products all over the Philippines, from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao….and as far as Asia Pacific Region. Beside that they take good care of our fellow citizen by promoting healthy lifestyle through their program like Unilab Active Health.

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