Farewell Anawangin

Anawangin is one of the best place to relax and enjoy the nature because of its virgin features. The pine trees near the shorelines, the swamp which is connected to the South China Sea. The first time I visited Anawangin it was so relaxing, away from call and text because of the dead spot and the cove was almost free from the public. Whenever I hear Anawangin, it always come to my mind, is the ambiance of a virgin cove that everything is so natural. Every season it always change the feature of the place because of natural calamity and climate. The beautiful landscape formed naturally.

But I became sad when I bring guests just this month. I found out that there already a private place with concrete barriers on it. It is near the swamp area. Is this the start of making Anawangin a private one? Or what other says that this will become the next Boracay? Which is crowded and well developed. Anawangin is different from Boracay? As a person with passion on nature. Anawangin became beautiful because of its calm ambiance and natural features.Where in... There is no concrete shelter just tents for additional adventure. Or may be this means a Farewell to Anawangin for me. and look for another place where you can find yourself free from toxic and pollutions.

And if you hike Mt. Pundaquit going to Anawangin. You will see lots of garbage at the start of the trek. This commercialization alarm me so bad. Why can't we let this place as what it was before. A solemn and peaceful place for people who want to get out of the toxic of the metropolis. That's really the beauty of Anawangin plus its natural features.

During our trek I also noticed lot of burned area was all over the place. I don't know if it is because of the El NiƱo Phenomenon, we are experiencing right now. I hope people are aware of this. Let's be vigilant to take care of what we have. Don't wait to let this place to be ruined. Change is constant, but natural change is one that are acceptable to nature. Don't let everyone say Goodbye to this place. Anawangin is a one of the best place for me. But if this one happens. I might say Farewell to Anawangin. Because the Anawangin I was known is no longer the Anawangin I known before. Let preserve and love it for it's natural features.

I know that some people will react on this. I'm just speaking for myself and wanted to make awareness. Take care of our nature kids!

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