Calauit Island

Calauit Island is located in the Northwestern part of Palawan. During the Marcos regime last 1977, it was declared as a sanctuary and natural vegetation of the endemic and African wildlife. The Calauit sanctuary was called “The Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife”.

The 3,700 hectares Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife was first have an exodus of 104 heads of 8 exotic animal species like giraffe, eland, zebra, impala, bushbuck, gazelle and waterbuck. After 24 years, the number has increased dramatically except for gazelle and topi and is now in existence with some endemic and endangered Philippine wildlife.

Manifold preservation of near-to-extinct endemic wildlife of the Calamianes Group-Culion, Linapacan and Busuanga is also being undertaken in Calauit. In 1980s, Calamian Deer, Palawan Phesant Peacock, Balabac Mousedeer and Palawan Bear Cat mingled with the exotic animals of Africa. The endemic animals particularly the Calamian Deer tremendously soared in number.

This island is also a haven for more than seventy species of birds, of which ten of them are rare, that rest and flock two hours before sunset, after their wholeday flight.

The Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is a success story for every Filipino. Calauit achieved its popularity as a unique tourist destination. It has continuously attracted students as well as local and foreign researches who undertake various scientific studies on ecology and wildlife related topics. However, much has to be done to protect the animals and marine resources of the Sanctuary. Conduct of research/studies as well as necessary infrastructure and facilities are obvious needs to ultimately attain its status of international standard and accommodate the influx of both local and foreign visitors.

How to go to Coron Islands?
  • By Air
60 minutes flight from Manila to Busuanga, daily. You can wait for promos for much cheaper expenses and take the earliest flight of the day. So, on you first day, you can already maximize your time.
Asia Spirit:
  • By Sea
12 hours trip from Manila to Busuanga, weekly. SuperFerry stops in Coron on their way to Puerto Princesa. Leave Manila on Friday afternoon (4:15pm)and arrives in Coron early Saturday morning (5:30 am). Heads back to Manila on Sunday night (10:45 pm)
WG&A Superferry:
Negros Navigation:

Going to Calauit Island:

From the Coron Port, rent a boat and it will take 2 hours of travel by boat.

This Island is indeed the Philippine's showcase for safari of wildlife. The government and fellow Filipino must support our tourism to push it and to take care of the endangered and rare species in the Philippines.

It is really a great experience to get up close to the animals in the wild. Indeed it is a great experience together with my fellow Kamandag Mountaineers, and Kalikada Mountaineers of Philippine National Mental Hospital. Thanks guys!

Lakbay LENTE

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