Eraserheads: The Head Set - I was part of History

Greenwich exclusively brings you. The Eraserheads Limited Edition CD Set. It includes alll 10 studio albums and EP's Digitally Remastered, Bonus CD of rare Eraserheads unreleased recordings, POP-U-MENTARY DVD. Eraserheads Magazine and a Collector's Edition Shirt.

You can avail this by:

  1. Collect and Own - Get an Eheads Card from any Greenwich Store and Collect 6 Eheads Stickers to get The Eraserheads CD Set For Free!
  2. Eat and Own, Instatly!
  • 1 Bigatin Barkada Feast 1
  • 1 Ehaeds CD Set
  • For only 2,499 Php
 For more details Greenwich Website .

I'm one of the avid fans of the Eraserheads from the very start until now. Hoping that they will play again after The Final Set. I knew this Eheads CD Set when it was release last September 6. But I have no time and my  budget was too tight for it.

Yesterday night, many of my friends keep on greeting me and telling me that I'm already popular. I'm wondering why... I knew this morning that Andropov posted a picture of the Eheads Fan Photos included in the box. And I was there wearing the Eraserheads' The Final Set Shirt (the one whose wearing in green) made by Tomtees. I really need to purchase one...

Now... I'm really part of History!

Lakbay LENTE

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