Click BGC: Photo Competition

What: Click BGC: Photo Competition
Where: Bonifacio Global City
When: Oct. 2-30, 2010

Hi Guys! It's your chance to take photographs freely around Bonifacio Global City. See mechanics below. 

1. Competition is open to all students, non-students and non-professionals.

2. Category for the competition will be:
      * Digital Photography - Unmanipulated. Use of software is allowed for the purpose of color correction and clean-up only.

3. Registration forms may be obtained from the following:
      * Bonifacio High Street Concierge - B8

4. Photos to be submitted may be rendered in full color, black and white, sepia, or monochrome provided final entry is submitted in data format.

5. Any digital image-capturing device can be used as long as content is deemed high resolution digital file and original with minimum of 1200 dpi.

6. No nudity or grotesque photos can be shown.

7. A Photo Walk Session with professional photographers will be arranged by the organizers to engage participants in photography. Schedule will be as follows:

      Day 1: October 16, Saturday, 3pm Assembly, Bonifacio High Street, Near Coffee Bean

      Day 2: October 17, Sunday, 3pm Assembly, Bonifacio High Street, Near Coffee Bean

8. OVER-ARCHING THEME: Photography. That's the passion in me.... The BGC in me.

9. MANDATORIES:             

      1. Public Art pieces - Participants to submit minimum of one (1) entry of any art piece or maximum of twelve (12) entries-one shot of every art piece. Special prizes will be given to those who submit a complete set of art pieces, one (1) picture each of the twelve (12) existing art installations found within the city as follows:

      1. Ang Supremo                        7. Pasasalamat

      2. Balanghai                              8.  Specific Gravity

      3. The Trees                              9.  Hearsay

      4. Kasaysayan Bawa't Oras        10. Bearable Lightness

      5. Kasalikasan                           11. Tinsteaj #85

      6. Transformation                      12. Presence

       *Some of the art pieces are going through renovation. Participants are still encouraged to take a picture.

      2. Cityscape - Participants to submit at least one (1) picture which depicts how one perceives Bonifacio Global City. The titles of these pictures should reflect how one perceives the city to be, through the eyes of the photographer.

10. During retrieval of ID which will serve as shooting permit, duly signed and accomplished application form will be collected.

11. Submission of entries:

      A. File size of INITIAL entries - 1600x1024 pixels via email at With the ff details:

      Subject of email: Ex. "ClickBGC 2010-JDELACRUZ-001" (last three numbers will be your ID number)

      Filename of entries: " ‘Title'-001 " (last three numbers will be the I.D. number.)

      B. Finalists will be requested to resubmit a Hi-resolution soft file of at least 1200dpi of the chosen photo/s via email at

12.  All of the requirements should be submitted through email at

13. Finalists will be informed via email, through the website, & other contact details.

14. Entries selected for the finals cannot be withdrawn from the competition.

15. Click BGC Organizing Committee will retain ownership of all copies that will be submitted. It is the entrants' responsibility to keep the original copy of the work. These entries will also be considered Bonifacio Global City (BGC) property once submitted as stipulated in the application form.

16. Click BGC Organizing Committee will also have the right to exhibit the entry in subsequent VISION and Bonifacio Global City related events as well as use the entries in other vehicles as BGC sees fit. Note that BGC will not gain profit from photos accumulated.

17. Any entry not following the rules, regulations and mechanics WILL BE disqualified.

18. The Click BGC Organizing Committee assumes that all entries submitted are original works and are developed solely for this competition.

19. Registration and submission of entries will be from OCTOBER 2, 2010 (Saturday) to OCTOBER 30, 2010 (Saturday).


All participants should submit completed registration form in order to secure ID which will also serve as shooting permits following these instructions.

      (a) Submit completed registration form via or at Bonifacio High Street Concierge - B8.

      (b) Secure your shooting IDs from Bonifacio High Street Concierge-B8, any day within the competition period.

      (c) IDs may be used immediately upon retrieval.

      (d) Shooting period will be only within competition dates.

      (e) IDs should be worn at all times during the shooting period.

21. Photography will only be allowed in common areas and open spaces. Close-up shots of any of the establishments and or their products will not be allowed. Photography inside any of the establishments will entail a separate permit from the management of the said establishment.


 * Twelve (12) winners for Public Art entries of Php5,000.00 each.
 * Three (3) winners for Cityscape entries of Php5,000.00 each.

See full details here.

Lakbay LENTE

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