General Luna at Saguijo Sauna

General Luna is an all-chic rock band in the Philippines. The band has a fast-paced popularity. They tend to be the female version of the “Wolfgang”. If your a rock fanatics, you’ll definitely love their music. And when you see them - you’ll definitely love them more…

Why their band called General Luna?

According to Nicole their lead vocalist: 
“It has nothing to do with Gen. Antonio Luna.” It’s a combination of the words General which is masculine, and Luna which is feminine - a balance of the 2 concepts.

General Luna Band Members:

Nicole Asensio on Vocals
Caren Mangaran on Lead Guitar
Audry Dionisio on Rhythm Guitar
Alex Montemayor on Bass
Bea Lao on Drums
Photos were taken from Saguijo bar and sauna he he! They had a hot rockin' performance.

Keep Rockin’ General Luna!


  1. I miss watching gigs at Saguijo! Pinays rock!

  2. It's not same as yesterday na... Most of he time crowded na and iba na rin yung crowd... :(

  3. Great bands such as General Luna and Franco perform there.


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