A Glimpse to Mt. Halcon

Will Mt. Halcon re-open again?

The much awaited re-opening of Mt. Halcon is getting clearer after 5 years of moratorium from 2006 to 2011. For complete news and article, you may visit www.pinoymountaineer.com.

Take a glimpse of Mt. Halcon’s ocular inspection in 2010. Participants coming from Sialdang Mountaineering Club (SMC), Pilipinas Sierra Mountaineering and Outdoor Club (PSMOC), Metropolitan Mountaineering Society (MMS), The High Conquerors Mountaineers (HC) and Lantuyang Mangyans-guides/porter.

From Jerome Sajise Multiply Site

From Vei Ortiz Multiply Site


  1. Hoping also for the reopening of Mt.Halcon to push through.

  2. i wish to do a least one climb sa PInas this year. Good na re-open na nila Mt.Halcon. mahirap ba i-climb yan (for someone na d mabilis mapagod mag-climb!haha)?

  3. Sana po nga mam... At gusto ko rin maakyat ang Mt. Halcon. Mukhang kayanin mo naman yan mam. Pero syempre still don't under-estimate any mountain and also dependends din sa climate.


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