My Mountain Puppet: Stitch

Stitch is my travel buddy.  It was given by my friend, and I carry him all through my journeys. Stitch serves as my partner, model, subject and mountain puppet. It gives color to my photographs. Everywhere I go, I bring him with me. And most of the time Stitch hangs on my backpack. But as time goes by I get tired of carrying him on my explorations. And look for a new puppet. I just remember the story of “Toy Story”… Toys also get old… You need to replace them. But good thing I keep him inside my room. Stitch will always bring back the memories of our journeys.

How about you? Do you have your Travel Puppet?


  1. haha, Stitch reminds me of my mountaineering friend who brings Patrick starfish with him in all his trips, I used to bring Dora during my early days of traveling :)

  2. I also have Patrick Starfish, but I just bring him sa beach hehe... :D

  3. i must have a travel buddy too :) will find one :)


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