Feast of Santo Niño 2011

What: Feast of Sto. Niño 2011
When: (Expected date) January 30, 2011
Where: Philippine Trade Center to Quirino Grandstand

Feast of Sto. Niño usually held on the 1st month of the year all over the country. Some of the famous places which celebrate this event are Cebu and Tondo, Manila. And here in Metro Manila a parade was held on  the last Sunday of January. The parade usually held in the afternoon until in the evening.

Hundreds of different Santo.Niño images was put in parade. There are Sto, Niño dressed like fisherman, farmer, scientists, jury, policeman, seaman, etc. A week before the parade, these images were put in an exhibit in the Philippine Trade Center in Pasay City. Here are some photos of the Sto. Niño images taken last 2009.

You may also view last year's parade - Sto. Niño 2010.


  1. Hi...confirmed na po ba ung parade sa 30th...hindi po ba dis coming sunday? thanks in advance :-)

  2. I'm still not sure pa po e. But it usually done on the last Sunday of January.


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